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What Does a Stopper Do in Soccer? (Explained)

Although it’s now seldomly used in the professional game, the stopper position is a very common feature in youth soccer and is a great way to teach young players how to defend. Paired alongside a sweeper in the centre of defence, the stopper is expected to win every tackle and aerial challenge and not be afraid to put their body on the line ...

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From predicting what a striker would do, good positioning and making tackles the position of a stopper is the purest role for defending in soccer. The role of a stopper is an extremely important one for youth teams. They depend on the stopper to put his or her body on the line to win back balls for them.

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Thanks for this excellent analysis. I think you have an excellent grasp of positions. It's very interesting how much of a difference the Formation change made when combined with putting your best athlete at Stopper. This confirms my thought that in Rec soccer the most important position is "Stopper", and 2nd is to have a strong scorer at Forward.

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The fullbacks of a soccer team monitor the attacking players on the opposing team, attempting to stop them from dribbling or passing the ball downfield. All fullbacks must be confident, aggressive and unafraid of charging oncoming attackers. Stoppers are a special type of fullback that aggressively pursue opponents to ...

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A Sweeper will play behind the Fullbacks and a Stopper will play between the Fullbacks and the Midfielders. These positions add additional layers of defenders and give you defensive strength in the Center of the field. See " Sweeper " and " Stopper " in the Dictionary for a more detailed description. LEGEND:

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I believe the traditional stopper (forward moving defender) position has evolved to a new position and concept. Instead of sending a defender forward either in a back three or back four formation, nowadays, one of the midfielders move back and pe...

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As stopper is simply another term used to describe a centre back in soccer or a player who plays just in front of the backline as cover, usually as a defensive midfielder. Depending on what type of formation the team is playing with, there can sometimes be two centre backs for example with the 4-4-2 formation (four defenders- two centre backs).

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There are 11 players on a soccer team when played at a high school, college, or professional level. These are the standard positions: Goalie: The Goalkeeper. Defense: Sweeper, Left Defender, Right Defender, Stopper. Midfielders: Left Midfielder, Center Midfielder, and Right Midfielder. Offense: Left Striker, Center Forward, and Right Striker.